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Aloha Beautiful Soul......

Welcome to Embrace Zen Wellness.
I am so happy that you were guided to my site.

If you found me here, I believe that you too are on a journey of spiritual awakening…. A journey of personal healing, self-discovery and transformation to find your zen for inner harmony and outer balance in everyday life.

A journey back home, to your inner home and spirit.
A coming home to You, back to heart & back to love.
A remembrance of who you are, pure love and light.

Embrace Zen Wellness aims to inspire and empower you to reconnect to the true essence of YOU. To embody the divine being you are, and embrace it wholeheartedly so that you may shine your light so bright and reach your full potential.

Providing a grounded, safe and sacred space where you will be seen, heard and supported, where each session is individually tailored, working together at your own pace.

Embrace Zen Wellness provides healing, coaching, kinesiology, meditation, creative arts therapy, sacred circles, workshops and retreats to spark the light within, igniting the transformation on your journey to wellness.

So let’s awaken your light and journey of healing, personal growth and spiritual development, returning home, to reconnect to your inner wisdom, so that you may Embrace Zen Wellness – mind, body, soul and spirit.

Are you ready to connect, work together and allow shifts to happen?

Then let’s chat and embrace the change together…..


“The Divine within me bows to the same Divine within you.”

Embrace Zen Wellness Services & Workshops

Our Services

Kinesiology, Reiki & Spiritual Healing
Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapy
Health, Life & Transformational Coaching

Our Workshops

Meditation, Reiki I & Reiki II, Feng Shui, Coaching Programs
Sacred Circles, Full Moon Drumming & Sound Baths
Self Growth, Spiritual Development, & Wellness Retreats

Ready to start your healing and transformational journey?


“The greatest gift you have to give yourself is that of your own self-transformation.”
— Lao Tzu