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About Me

About Vicky

I am down to earth and a heart centred woman, wife and mother of 3 children. I am also blessed to have 3 healthy grandchildren which bring me infinite joy and laughter to my life, and remind my inner child to come out and play!

My passion is energy, healing, transformation and all things spiritual. With my magical toolbox of life experiences, wisdom, compassion and empathy, as well as my spiritual gifts, energy healing, crystals and modalities, I feel honoured to be able to share and be of service on your journey to wellness.

Working from a sacred place at ‘Blue Lotus Cottage’ in Drysdale, my purpose is to hold space for healing and transformation, via personal growth and spiritual development. Where we can just BE our true authentic selves with no judgement. To embrace wholeness and reconnect with our inner wisdom for deep lasting change.

To guide, mentor and assist you as we navigate life’s rollercoaster ride inspiring you to push forward knowing, that I too, am walking the same path along side with you as a witness to the journey of transformation, to the essence of YOU!

To rise up so that we can all shine our light collectively,
to heal ourselves and our planet,
awakening to the pure love and light that we are.

I know from first hand experience, how life is sometimes not easy. The challenge is to stay in alignment whilst living a heart centred life, even when life gets tough.

Like you, I’m on a path of continual learning too! This has resulted in creating healthy boundaries, commitment to my own self care ritual, finding my voice and speaking my truth whilst reconnecting with my soul and spirit. Being the beacon of light so that others too might follow and shine their light as well.

Now is the time for collaboration, community and connection to nurture your soul and embrace your zen wellness – mind, body, soul and spirit!

Let me be a part of your journey of healing, self discovery and transformation!

I look forward to working together.


Spiritual Mentor & Teacher, Kinesiologist, Reiki Master
Health, Life & Master Transformational Coach, Meditation Facilitator
Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapy Practitioner
Red Tent Women’s Circle Facilitator, Feng Shui Consultant
Resonate Essences Practitioner

Why Are We Different?

Our Mission

Coming from my heart space, my mission is to support and inspire you on your journey of healing, self discovery and transformation to the essence of YOU.

To create a sacred, grounded and safe place, where you’ll be seen, heard and empowered as you embrace the divine essence of your being, embodying and reconnecting to your truth and wisdom in this everyday life.

Each session is individually tailored for you, to ignite healing and transformation so that you reach your full potential and live an authentic life of deep meaning.

Allowing you to heal and evolve through life’s many transitions, so that you may continue to shine your light in the world and Embrace Zen Wellness – mind, body, soul and spirit.

Inner Harmony, Outer Balance

Spiritual Awakening

Elevate Your Mind & Body

It is time…….

Time for all of us to rise up collectively, as we reconnect to ourselves and ancient wisdom, embracing the divine essence of our being, so that real transformation can occur!

A journey of healing, self-discovery & transformation,
to live an empowered life and to make empowered choices,
to live in alignment and be the best version of ourselves,
letting go of limiting beliefs and what’s holding us back,
no more masks, no more fear, hiding or running away, 
but to be brave & bold and to shine our light brightly in the world, 
at a time of Spiritual awakening, returning home,
to the essence of Us, connecting to our inner wisdom,
sacred wisdom, evolving, and ascending,
embracing who we truly are and honouring our unique gifts,
and as we awaken, come alive and live a life full of love and magic,

singing, dancing, playing and reconnecting with our inner child,

living in the ebb & flow & reconnecting with the cycles of life,
being curious, exploring life, being a magnitude of love and light,

embracing our inner power, finding our voice, trusting our intuition,
weaving and radiating our love and light in everyday life,
to find inner harmony & outer balance on all levels,

and embrace zen wellness – mind, body, soul & spirit!


“The Spiritual Journey Is The Unlearning Of Fear And The Acceptance Of Love.”

Marianne Williamson